Low Voter Turnout

Low Voter Turnout - life they are not inclined to make time...

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What do you believe are the reasons for low voter turnout in the United States? What do you believe can be done [realistically] to increase voter turnout in the future? I believe the reasons for low voter turnout in the United States are because of voter registration, focus of campaigns, and the increase of the idea from American citizens that their vote does not matter. Voter registration particularly depresses the participation of those with little education and low incomes because requires a greater degree of political involvement and interest than does the act of voting itself. While the focus of campaigns decrease voter turnout by targeting certain core and high voting groups, which then leaves many out of the political dialogue. Lastly, as many Americans lead a very busy
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Unformatted text preview: life they are not inclined to make time to vote when they feel as if their vote does not count. Realistically, what I believe can be done to increase voter turnout is not require registration such as in the state of North Dakota. Or allow registration on the day of the election such as Minnesota. As expected, within these states voter turnout is not only higher than average, but younger and less affluent voters turn out in larger percentages. Another possibility would to make employers allow their eligible voters to go out and vote without the deduction of pay. Another realistic approach to raise voter turnout is to increase the knowledge of students about voting and explain why their vote matters....
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