Sleep Disorders - Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders differ...

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Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders differ from person to person and from children to the elderly. It’s a proven fact that much of the sleeping disorders and/or problems come from these two categories, being young children and the elderly people we see every day of our lives. More and more parents are becoming aware of their children having some type of sleeping problems. These children can either be refusing to go to bed at all or even waking up persistently over the night. According to some research, sleeping disorders are not particularly different from adults; however sleeping problems do tend to differ much from that of an adult. A normal infant, younger than six months old, should typically spend half of their sleep in active rapid-eye-movement sleep (REM). For a normal adult, only about a fifth of their sleep consists of this certain type of sleep. These younger infants go into what’s called an active REM stage, which is basically where these children fall into a deep sleep almost right after they enter their slumber. In comparison of this matter, it can take adults anywhere from sixty to ninety minutes to enter REM sleep. According to charts supported by research over the years, newborns typically require about 8 hours of each daytime and nighttime sleep. As the infant grows older, the amount of daytime sleep decreases until the age of four, where the child should not require any daytime siestas. Also, the total amount of needed sleep declines approximately until the age of eighteen, where the total amount pretty well levels off around the 8 hour marker. A normal child should stop awakening in the middle of the night when they are past the six
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Sleep Disorders - Sleep Disorders Sleep disorders differ...

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