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CASE 2-1: “Vietnam’s Market Potential” In 2001 George bush signed an agreement that created a U.S.- Vietnam free trade area. This provided major opportunity for Vietnams economy. In the mid 1990’s the build up of trade relations between the USA and Vietnam provided many profitable situations for both countries. But in many cases like this there is always room for problems. Vietnam had many problems in the past that caused conflict for them to today. One problem is was that most of the population was poor, the infrastructure was undeveloped, 10% of the roads were unpaved, and electricity was unreliable. In addition they only had one telephone per 100 people, and last the communist party slowed down
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Unformatted text preview: the economic transition. Because communist government really struggles to adapt to change as rapid as country like the United States. With all these problems a few good ways to resolve these problems is to re-shape the economy by developing a new form of government, fix the education system, and banking system. And maybe for other countries to bring in businesses to Vietnam so raise financial status and as well as increase wages. In conclusion, Vietnam will take many years to establish themselves as a powerful economy. All in all, they will need to fix many things from within like their government and educating systems to put themselves on the map as a powerful economy....
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