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Post Lab Questions 9

Post Lab Questions 9 - Rohit Aloor Postlab Questions#9...

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Rohit Aloor Postlab Questions #9 CHEM232, Section 5122 v 1. A student would perform the chromic acid test, the Baeyer test, and the bromine test on each of the four unknowns in order to determine which test tube contains which structure. The results of these tests will be indicated by color changes and formation of precipitates. The interpretations from the tests will be indicated by the following. The chromic acid test is used to indicate the presence of a 1° or 2° alcohol or an aldehyde. The Baeyer test and the bromine test will be used to test for the presence of alkenes in solution. A positive chromic acid test results in the formation of a blue or green precipitate. A positive Baeyer test results in the formation of a brown precipitate. Finally, a positive bromine test results in a colorless solution. For structure one, the student should observe positive results for the chromic acid test and negative results for the Baeyer and bromine tests.
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