CHM2045exam1 - CHM 2045 Exam 1 (Form Code A) January 29,...

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CHM 2045 Exam 1 (Form Code A) January 29, 2008 READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS COMPLETELY: Please bubble in (with a #2 pencil) your Last Name (left justified, spaces at the end) and your First and Middle initials (in FI and MI, respectively), on the answer sheet provided. Also bubble in your CHM2045 section number (in Section), and UF ID (in ID Number, leave one space at the end, no hyphen). Leave special codes blank and enter the test form code above. Incomplete or incorrect information will result in an unrecoverable loss of score. Read the entire exam and answer the following 25 questions for a total of 250 points in the context and conventions of our lectures. Work alone, do not talk, and do not share anything with anyone around you. Bubble all answers carefully on the answer sheet. Coding accuracy on the answer sheet is entirely the responsibility of the student; Illegible or incorrect marks will not be credited. Please sign the back of the answer sheet and turn it in before the end of the exam period. Late papers will not be collected. Good Luck! 1. How many atoms of oxygen are in 35.7 g of anhydrous copper(II) sulfate? 1) 1.35 x 10 23 atoms 2) 5.39 x 10 23 atoms 3) 4.57 x 10 23 atoms 4) 2.15 x 10 25 atoms 5) 2.15 x 10 23 atoms 2. Which of the following represents the largest volume? 1) 10,000 μL 2) 1000 pL 3) 100 mL 4) 10 nL 5) 10 cm 3 3. Manganese makes up 1.3 x 10 –4 percent by mass of the elements found in the healthy male body of a certain mammal. If 0.11 g of manganese is found, how much does the average male body weight? (1 kg = 2.2 lb) 1) 186 lb 2) 1.86 lb 3) 84.6 lb 4) 195 lb 5) 116 lb 4. How many electrons are in a single 56 Fe 3+ ion? 1) 53 2) 23 3) 26 4) 30 5) none of these 5. Copper has two naturally occurring isotopes, 63 Cu (isotopic mass 62.9396 u) and 65 Cu (isotopic mass 64.9278 u). If copper has an atomic mass of 63.546 u, what is the percent abundance of
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CHM2045exam1 - CHM 2045 Exam 1 (Form Code A) January 29,...

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