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Unit Four – Raising Your Voice Of all the problems facing our society today, the one that troubles me the most is apathy;  too many people simply don’t care enough to get involved. What are  you  doing? We’ve  learned a lot this semester about how to communicate effectively – even how to change  people’s minds – but if we don’t put what we’ve learned to use in our communities what  does it matter?  Your Task  Think about one of the communities to which you belong – on campus, in the city or bay  area, as a United States citizen, or an Earthling – and write a two-page letter (double  spaced) expressing your concern regarding a problem affecting your community. Direct  your writing to someone connected to, perhaps even responsible for, the problem you are  concerned about. Keys for Success
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Unformatted text preview: Do research to find the appropriate person to write to. Make sure you have enough information so that you could actually mail your letter (hopefully you will). Clearly state the problem as you see it. Explain how the issue you are writing about impacts your life. Explain how you see the problem affecting your community. Offer a possible solution. Make sure your writing is clear, easy to understand and error-free no one is going to take your letter or your opinions seriously if theyre riddled with errors. Format: Please construct this letter using standard business letter formatting. A good example of this format can be found at: http://www.writinghelp-central.com/complaint-letter.html Due Date: 12.14 Due at Beginning of Class...
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