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BICD136 – AIDS, Science and Society - Summer Quarter, 2006 Key to Second Midterm Examination Each question is worth one point unless otherwise noted. In multiple choice or True/False questions, circle the correct answer 1 (10 pts). Draw a line connecting each of the phrases below to the appropriate structure in the drawing. More than one line may connect to a given structure. Make your connections clear! a) target of Fuzeon b) protein tested for by blood banks c) derived from previous host cell d) binds CCR5 e) viral genome f) shape of this characterizes lentiviruses g) target of protease inhibitors (any of the little circles or ovals will do) h) part of the gag polyprotein (choose one) i) part of the env polyprotein (choose one) j) part of the pol polyprotein (choose one) 2 (2 pts). Given that the great majority of sexual infection with HIV are by M tropic virus, and M tropic virus do not kill T4 cells, why do people who are sexually infected with HIV develop AIDS? Due to the mutability of HIV, M tropic virus inevitably gives rise to T tropic forms (1 pt) which do kill T4 cells (1 pt). 3. Why don’t M tropic HIV kill T4 cells? Because they can’t get into T4 cells, because M tropic HIV uses the CCR5 receptor which T4 cells don’t have. 4 (2 pts). Which nucleoside analog reverse transcriptase inhibitor(s) (NRTIs) would you prescribe to an AIDS patient presenting symptoms of AIDS-related dementia? Give reasons. AZT is a good choice (1 pt) because it can cross the blood brain barrier (1 pt) 5 (3 pts). What are 3 ways in which lentiviruses differ from other retroviruses? (1 pt for each). Possibilities are: lentis have the bullet shaped core, lentis kill cells while some other retros
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bicd136nesbitt_exam2key - BICD136 AIDS, Science and Society...

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