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BIBC110QUIZKEY1 - 1 I ‘— Name(last first BIBC 110...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 I ‘— Name (last, first) : BIBC 110 Physical Biochemistry, UCSD. Dr. Lukas Buehler Summer 07 QUIZ 1 (30 POINTS) YOUR SCORE: 0 POINTS, YOUR GRADE _ All Students please read the followin waiver: By signing this waiver, I give permission for this exam to be left for me to pick up at York Hall 4070. If I do not sign this waiver, I acknowledge that my exam will be available for pickup during office hours or class. I Signature Date PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ANSWERING! 1. What two experimental conditions have to be met for dq to equal dH during a cal ' etry experiment? @313 CW£W+ New I _ W i ._ 2. Indicate the changes (= or < or > than zero) of the following systems properties during osmosis in an isolated enclosure: @oints AG 4 0 AB 20 inst,t >0 3. In the definition of entropy given by statistical mechanics, the entropy S is proportional to the Boltzman constant time the natural logarithm of W. What does W represent? @ints laid Wmcolaw m fij/WX MAJ}? 2 ' Name (last, first): 5. Draw the potential energy profile for a Van der Waals interaction to show how to determine the Van der Waal distance (R0) between two molecules. What can be said about the value of the potential energy and the force when the interaction reaches its equilibrium? Label b axes of your diagram. oints Y5) £014,904 M W4] RM“! #1) "Em 9:0 6. Based on the excess heat capacity measurements, the protein denaturation has been compared to the melting of ice. Explain why this comparison is valid. @ints Jpcfilrflx «was» {Wu gram bum/t wracfl} at M lei/(T74), lqut 06w +0 ' erflfibfi) wwéw'i bum (meal- I [Mk/ls; it] mix WES LAM We) i’lrlDWXj (‘44 m WW I; Jl’tu Facts; repulsive (Lennard Jones potential) components of a Van der Waals interaction? ints l " - E [:(fmoav-t Jr? I Wit/M fl; I 4 It 7. What are the distance relationships of the attractive (London dispersion potential) and ‘ l l I ...
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BIBC110QUIZKEY1 - 1 I ‘— Name(last first BIBC 110...

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