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POS 110 extra credit gettysburg

POS 110 extra credit gettysburg - Gettysburg Address The...

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Gettysburg Address The Gettysburg Address is very important part of history and for that matter was a very important speech given by President Lincoln. At this time in history the U.S. Civil war had just ended and many American soldiers had lost their lives. The speech was given November 19 th , 1863. The speech was Gettysburg Pennsylvania, around the sme location where the Union soldiers dominated the Confederacy armies and ended the Civil War. Many Americans thought of Lincoln’s speech as a new beginning and thought it was about time things turned around for them. This wartime speech on the battlefield in Gettysburg inspired any Americans who had lost loved ones in such a horrific war. The Civil War has played a huge role in our government and our history as a country. This speech began with President Lincoln speaking about how our founding fathers came to America and were free citizens. Therefore, he by speaking about how our founding fathers were free citizens, he wants the citizens of America to know that
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