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Name_________________________________________________ Quiz #3. BIMM 110 1. The epidermal growth factor receptor activates downstream kinases that are not directly bound to the the transmembrane receptor. Name one of these kinases and the class of macromolecules the downstream kinases modify. (2 pt) MEK, or ERK, but not Ras. They phosphorylate other proteins. 2. Why does heterozygosity for the sickle cell mutant allele provide some protection against malarial disease? (1 pt) Because the Plasmodium is prevented from attaching to red blood cells and destroying them. 3.What intracellular proteins are recuited by Listeria bacteria that allow it to move within and between infected cells. What evolutionary advantage is provided by Listeria's ability to physically motor its way into immediately adjacent uninfected cells. (2 pts) Actin polymers. Avoidance (to some extent) of the immune system.
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