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Quiz #2 BIMM 110 25 points total Name_____________________________________________ Page 1 1.The insulin receptor has an enzymatic function, what is it? Which domain of the receptor contains this enzymatic function? (2 pts). tyrosine kinase or adds phosphate groups to tyrosines, Intracellular domain 2. A researcher wants to understand the role of limb bud cells in the zone of polarizing activity. She transplants ZPA cells into either the posterior region of a developing chick limb bud, or into the anterior region of a chick limb bud. What morphological phenotype would you expect from each experiment? (2 pts). posterior transplantation, normal limb patterning anterior transplantation, mirror image duplication of limb pattern 3. The rate of accumulation of ____ neutral _____ mutations can be used to develop molecular clocks. (1 pt). 4. Describe the molecular function of the XIST gene, and why there are biological consequences when XIST function is lost. (3 pts). XIST RNA binds to the X chromosome from which it is produced
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