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1 Math 10C Final Exam Review Outline Basic Information for the Final Exam: The exam will consist of approximately 8 questions, with multiple parts . You will not be allowed a calculator on the exam, so please do not bring one. You should bring a number two pencil. (You can bring more than one if you feel so inclined.) You are not permitted a page of notes, but a reference sheet with relevant formulas will be provided on the exam. Also bring your student ID card , as we will be checking those at the exam. We reserve the right to place your backpacks in the front of the class. Also, don’t worry about bringing a blue book, as you will be able to write directly on the exam. The exam will be held Tuesday, June 12 th , 2007 from 3:00 – 6:00pm , in Peterson 110 . The test is designed to take about two hours. This means that you should have sufficient time to go back through your work and check your math. Remember, does your answer make sense? (Draw a picture/plug numbers in.) Do not cheat on this exam. Cheating will be taken seriously and you will fail the course . So, please do not cheat. Also, solutions will be posted on my website http://math.ucsd.edu/~wgarner/math10c/ some time after the exam so you can get a rough idea how you did. Finally, grades should be posted on Tritonlink around June 21 st .
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