QUIZ#4 KEY - 1 Name (last, first) : BIBC 110 Physical...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 Name (last, first) : BIBC 110 Physical Biochemistry, UCSD, Dr. Lukas Buehler Summer 07 ‘ "5 7 FINAL EXAM (30 POiNTS) YOUR SCORE: 23/0 points YOUR GRADE _ All Students please read the following waiver: By signing this waiver, I give permission for this exam to be lefi for me to pick up in York Hall 4070. If l do not sign this waiver, I j acknowledge that my exam will be available for pickup during office hours or class. ‘ I Signature Date PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ANSWERING! 1. What does the term ‘red-shjft’ in fluorescence spectroscopy refer to? E _4 Rims ll W ill USA 0’; Maury} (rt/Wm 443%“ 004 win/\m‘ wow/lij 2. How could a measurement of the diffusion coefficient of a membrane protein in a li osome be used to determine the main transition temperature (Tm) of its lipid bilayer? @ms mum/u D allde M lwlvw Tm D ML “TA Tm glow 1) mi T >72“ l/Liyl,‘ 3. Match each circuit element listed below with one of the following terms: lipid bilayer, ion channel, ion gradient: @oints ‘ ohmic resistor r\[O’W‘ D’LV’ll/t m g capacitance Pd f | IL 2 Name (last, first) : j 4. The Nemst potential is an equilibrium membrane potential. Name the two drivin forces that contribute to the equilibrium state of this membrane potential. @oints Maud“ PWRM 5X Ambient {Miami W C N flab ) . What is the relationship between the radius R of small unilamellar vesicles (SUVs) and the equilibrium surface pressure of phospholipid monolayers that form from such vesicli solutions? Use a diagram with your answer. n ints Mfr}, [Nth/w Wm (LWl/iva, K _..—\ H rpm/(A)? A matflwvw— 6. Fluorescence resonance energy transfer has been used to study protease inhibitors. Explain the outline of such an experiment- @oints C {All in vLJJ' . . A 3 Name (last, first) : 7. The permeability coefficient P of a membrane permeable solute is inversely proportional to the membrane thickness, but directly proportional to what two coefficients? Which of these two coefficients is a better predictor of the overall permeability across the membrane? G' e a short rational of your choice. égoints ‘P-z Kb}; ...
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/11/2008 for the course BIBC 110 taught by Professor Buehler during the Summer '07 term at UCSD.

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QUIZ#4 KEY - 1 Name (last, first) : BIBC 110 Physical...

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