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BIBC110QUIZKEY3 - Ty.“ 1 Name(last first BIBC 110...

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Unformatted text preview: : _ Ty.“ . 1 Name (last, first) : BIBC 110 Physical Biochemistry, UCSD, Dr. Lukas Buehler 2/Summer 07 QUIZ 3 (30 POINTS) YOUR SCORE: Z 0 POINTS, YOUR GRADE __ All Students please read the following waiver: By signing this waiver. I give permission for this exam to be left for me to pick up at York Hall 4070. lfl do not sign this waiver. I acknowledge that my exam will be available for pickup during office hours or class. I Signature Date PLEASE READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ANSWERING! of SDS? 1. How can surface tension measurements be used to determine the critical miceliar cencentéon (S. 2. Describe how CD spectroscopy has been used to measure the folding and unfolding 0% 4 beta-barrel protein porin. Use words or graphs to answer the question. CD Satefik'owc oter Lu 2 Name (last, first) : 3. In gel electrophoresis, proteins can be separated based on what physical properties? E [/IMLS) 4. Describe or name each parameter in the equation fv = zeE. (99 f pm; a; mu V Mt « Mr W 6, name MUCH/l (N W4) Which of the above parameters is a function of the hydrodynamic radius of the protein? i 5. Name the spectroscopic techniques used to Show that the synthetic four-helical bundle peptides is indeed (3) alpha helical and (b) oriented perpendicular to the plane of the membrane. @/ a) a) _ b) WK / on;- n 3 Name (last, first) : 6. What property of a macromolecule or particle in solution can be determined by Rayleigh scattering? _ [AAA U C?) ( [ml-01941 M ) In order for Rayleigh scattering experiments to give the correct values, a sample solution must be highly pure. Why would any impurity (other proteins or dust particles) affect the measurement? RAHde - my]; 3W4 afllal/t VM rfi/amfiwiifi} 11M “VJ-“TE M“ Di, um“ “Wt/Tug?) @ I a“ 7. Describe the contribution or function of the source and the drift region of a flight-of—time mass analyzer for the determination of the mass charge ratio of ionized particles. 6? ng L ach/uA'iow' ob; 4 NAN/I “light- m IM/a tA/{vio K ...
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BIBC110QUIZKEY3 - Ty.“ 1 Name(last first BIBC 110...

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