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TC333 - Short Report Assignment andScenario

TC333 - Short Report Assignment andScenario - Assignment...

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Assignment: Short Report Here is your scenario for the short report assignment: You have an internship with a local engineering firm, and your manager has sent you an e-mail requesting that you write up a memo providing information on demographics on engineering students. The text of this e-mail is on the next page. Your job is to review the available data (found on the following pages) and write up a short report that answers your manager’s questions. Key points : The report must be in memo format. You must include at least one illustration (table or figure). Do not reproduce any of the tables or figures provided – create new ones that are well suited to displaying the information requested by your manager. Do not do additional research. If your manager has asked a question to which you do not have an answer, you need to address that in the body of the memo. The assignment gives you the opportunity to practice (or learn) several important skills: 1. Writing an internal memo using a conventional form. 2. Achieving an appropriate tone. 3. Designing effective tables and/or graphs.
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