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Unformatted text preview: GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF SPANISH AND PORTUGUESE INTENSIVE SPANISH PROGRAM PROGRAM INTENSIVE INTERMEDIATE SPANISH (SPAN 032) FALL 2003 CRISTINA SANZ, DIRECTOR E-MAIL: sanzc@georgetown.edu MAILBOX: ICC 403 OFFICE: ICC 412 PHONE #: 7-7213 MARIONA ANFRUNS, ASSISTANT DIRECTOR E-MAIL: ma254@georgetown.edu MAILBOX: ICC 403 OFFICE: ICC 438 PHONE #: 7-0698 OFFICE HRS: M-W 11:15-12:15 and by appointment My Name: ___________________________________________________ Instructor: ___________________________________________________ Office: ICC #________________________________________________ Office hours:_________________________________________________ E-mail address: _______________________________________________ December 11th FINAL EXAM Please make travel plans accordingly BRIEF GUIDE TO THE INTENSIVE INTERMEDIATE SPANISH COURSE Required Textbooks Suggested Pasajes: Cultura Pasajes: Lengua Pasajes: Cuaderno de prctica, Bretz, Dvorak, Kirschner (McGraw-Hill, 2002, 5e) The Nassi/Levy Spanish 3 Yrs. Review Text , S.L. Levy & R.J. Nassi (Amsco, 1998) 501 Spanish Verbs , C. Kendris (Barrons, 1996) Un buen diccionario ( e.g. Larousse, Espasa-Calpe, Vox) These are reasonably priced pedagogical grammars with all the rules and examples you may need. Internet Addresses Films http://www.elperiodico.es http://www.elperiodico.es ( Espaa) http://www.el-mundo.es http://www.el-mundo.es (Espaa) http://www.lanacion.com.ar http://www.lanacion.com.ar (Argentina) http://www.clarin.com.ar http://www.clarin.com.ar (Argentina) "El Norte" "La Historia Oficial" COURSE COMPONENTS AND FINAL GRADE COMPONENT WEIGHTING Cuaderno de prctica (5 %): You will find a list with all the required exercises in Blackboard. You are strongly encouraged to complete all of the exercises in the corresponding chapters of the Cuaderno. Your instructor will look over the exercises and assign [ +], [ ], [ -] or [0] based on whether or not you have kept up with the exercises and corrected the ones that have the answers at the back of the book. 4 Compositions and re-writes (10%): Your rewrites must be a substantial improvement on the original in order to raise your grade. To encourage you to write a good first draft, the final grade, after two rewrites, will be no more than one grade level higher than the original grade (for example: B to B+ , C+ to B-, etc. ) 4 Pruebas (15%): These PRUEBAS are based on ALL the grammar and vocabulary covered up to that point. A week before each one you will be given a study guide for the quiz. The PRUEBAS usually contain: (1) a listening comprehension section; (2) a reading section, with questions designed to check comprehension, vocabulary in context, and reading strategies; (3) a vocabulary section; and (4) a grammar section....
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