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07C-MATH-040-0-23577 - MATH 040 Probability and Statistics...

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MATH 040: Probability and Statistics Course Policies and Syllabus Instructor: Dr. Kimberly Sellers Room 340, St. Mary’s Hall 202-687-8829 [email protected] Textbook: DeVeaux RD, Velleman PF, and Bock DE Stats: Data and Models, 2 nd edition , Pearson Addison-Wesley. Course Overview: This course is intended to be an introduction to statistics, serving a broad emphasis in various applications. You will use MINITAB to handle some calculations; however, you are still expected to understand how the computations are determined and interpreted. Course Organization: 1. Lecture: Class time will include concepts from the textbook ( Stats: Data and Models ) in lecture format and discussion of MINITAB. You will be expected to learn the concepts found in both the lectures and assigned readings. Lecture notes are to be downloaded and printed in advance of the scheduled lecture. This will aid you in following the lecture presentation. Copies of lecture notes will not be supplied in class; therefore, it is your responsibility to come prepared. Note that you will not be able to truly benefit from the lecture notes merely by downloading them from the web.
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