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Barn Burning - feeling For example when Faulkner describes...

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Nic Hetzel Prof. Galindo English 142-02 February 22, 2008 Barn Burning 5. The exposition of the story show that Abner already has enemies and that tells a lot about the character as you read on. Abner’s behavior in the story tells a lot about his character such as him being a racist, overpowering, conceited, and believe strongly in family. The other people in the story have a very negative view of Abner’s character. 6.Faulkner’s physical description of Abbner’s character gives the character a very cold and dark
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Unformatted text preview: feeling. For example, when Faulkner describes him wearing either black or very dark clothing. 7. The justice of peace, Mr. Harris, and Major de Spain are foils to Abner because the judge thought thought his decisions through before making his decision and Major de Spain uses his money rather than force to coheres Abner....
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