Final Exam Spring 2005

Final Exam Spring 2005 - ECONOMICS 203 FINAL EXAM Spring...

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ECN 203 Final Exam ECONOMICS 203 FINAL EXAM – Spring 2005 (If you need more space to answer a question – use the back of the page, but be SURE to indicate that you have done so on the front) NAME _________________________________________ Student #________________________________________ (Point values in parentheses) (15) 6. (11.2.11) Distinguish three kinds of unemployment (other than voluntary) by their respective causes. (5) 7. (12.3.12) Identify the shift variable with respect to the AS line. (10) 8. (13.2.30) Describe a condition that, ceteris paribus , could lead to a flow of international capital out of a country. Give an example. (10) 9. (13.3.12, 13) Describe what it means for a currency to get weaker. Critique the following assertion: Strong currencies are good and weak currencies are bad. (15) 10. “ High gas prices make consumers gloomy : Consumer confidence index hits 5-month low as costs skyrocket; expectations at 2- year low.” New York Times . April 26, 2005: 1:35 PM EDT NEW YORK (Reuters) - Consumer confidence deteriorated in April to its lowest since November as higher gasoline prices left Americans uncertain about their economic prospects, a report said Tuesday. … Write out the Consumption Function and explain each letter in it. Explain the concept of Permanent Income
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/10/2008 for the course ECN 203 taught by Professor Evensky during the Fall '07 term at Syracuse.

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Final Exam Spring 2005 - ECONOMICS 203 FINAL EXAM Spring...

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