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Study Questions on Machining Processes

Study Questions on Machining Processes - Study Questions on...

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Study Questions on Machining Processes (Spring 2008) 1. What are the relative advantages and disadvantages of machining processes? 2. What are (a) feed, (b) feed rate, (c) depth of cut, (d) cutting speed, etc.? 3. What are two relative motions engaged during machining? 4. What are factors that influence machining operations and how are they influencing? 5. What are the major functions of cutting fluids during machining operations? 6. What are common machining processes used for producing round shapes and what are their characteristics? 7. What are cutting operations that can be performed on a lathe? 8. What is the mechanism for the turning process? 9. How do we calculate “depth of cut” for the turning process? 10. How do we calculate "depth of cut" for the milling process? 11. What are the forces involved during the turning process and the characteristics of these? 12. What do NC & CNC stand for? 13. What does MRR stand for? 14. What are commonly used workholding devices on a lathe?
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