C136W08E2FFkeyA - Cl sowosez Version A 20 Mnreh ZU'UE In...

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Unformatted text preview: Cl sowosez .. Version A 20 Mnreh ZU'UE In signing my name to this exam I attest that I have neither given nor received help from any unauthorized resource on this exam. If I am lying, may I be publicly humiliated and may my chances of getting into medr’phormi’dentnlr’grnd school {etc} go up in flames along with my perjured exam and my grade in this course. Homelprint]: Signature: UMIDL Recitation Seeti Free form Questions {20 points total) 1. {10) Consider the following reaction systerg at ?DOK. Nate} +Ug{g)<=DZND{g Kc :1 Emit [Name] , a. in one experiment, the equilibrium concentrations are l N3l=fl25 M, lflglztllfiMCmd |Ntfl]=4_.l'htlIIl'3 M. Calel.]ifl_l.l.3_.fi. I ____ (1) lag: Ilomofi )fiotaxgj CalSlol‘E} —-—-— f. \H.. b. If we run the reaction again with the initial concentratioE 1 I=U.{llfll‘u’l, < .15 lilglzflfltflhfl and |Nt2il=flfllfl M, in which direction will t 'eactiou proceed. Show a value Err Q to support your answer. =~ (Doro _ L ('ooro (gotta) # Q '7 l; fem W3 {moods idi——-m—"-" e. Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of all species under the conditions in par b. {You should check to make sure the reaction went in the direction that you predicted in part it.) S—l-ill WL “a K: quark 104% 1 onto (Jolt: {Lott} Ll?)le r l + X L ‘3‘”: PK 1+2?“ 110.010ij E {g-Uw)‘ filfilfim)‘ £3.01L‘I-f1-H- we! - H——" O mas: o .oto +23ij Wlflgtflaj = o-Dto an ' (gaming) gfl'msi M 2.oa>¢uo’”_ 0.0m: O,Gtfl+3>¢ [m] .5 more else 1ng; )1 : ---‘i_.’l—fi3}4 io'3’ = afln'iofi M 71. :* Areas 1:273 H -*."l‘ ‘1 u elective. Chuck Ill: '=- > :— Ling}: It} Lt ‘w’f (onlES' C] BEWDBEZ '- Vsrsinn A 2U Marsh Eflflfl 11:16) Explain how you would best make 512113.00 mL of s GJSDM buffer with pH 15.3[1 using any chains of 2i] M stock snlutions of H3130“ KHZPCL“ KIHPUJIsnd KgFflq. ‘s’mlr answer should includs both a numsrics] answer and instructinns far what In dc- with these answers. HEEL-1| PEA: 2s; slang @{L am+ {2m E ssst c. tfiffl ssh 2" = 1.2M 1" . 2.) [PH Eupka + l E. m) (LED-*— $.14 -+ RULE) h—u—"~——-———~__fi_, “DJ—H = wig) 1C. In _ E__.._____d Gar Kle’otJf {2.01%} 5*” Z Er: D Egg: {5‘ (1) a gm. QB NIL, VMWV‘L ‘—" - fill -r ism 1”- Lfiu . Hofik Md “ (2) 4mm E 320.1551) M -- -- "m" finfi 5% gsbwss M Oswm s -:0 _ use) V Blmlofith W Sflfl.flj r‘v-J. Elam E'JEJC'K‘ KDF‘LPDL} '. MN! 3 Ms. ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/11/2008 for the course CHEM 136 taught by Professor Smith during the Winter '08 term at University of Michigan.

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C136W08E2FFkeyA - Cl sowosez Version A 20 Mnreh ZU'UE In...

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