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How is Lord Shiva described?
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What was the general belief about the union between Shiva and Parvati?
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How is Parvati described?
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What happened when Parvati took flight from the world?
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What happened when Annapurna arrived? What did Lord Shiva do?
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Unformatted text preview:How is Princess Savitri described? What was she determined to do? benevolent, brilliant, and bright/She was going to find her own husband. What is Satyavan's family background? They were once nobles but got overthrown. What does Narada reveal about Satyavan's future? he will die in one year. What are the first two things Savitri asks for from Yamraj? Her step-dads sight back and there old kingdom to be restored How does Savitri outwit Yamraj with her last wish? She wished to have many kids but she cant have kids with out her only love.