deviance term paper1 - 3/14/08 Deviance And Control Baller...

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3/14/08 Deviance And Control Baller Term Paper 1 The question of marital status having a relationship to support for suicide is a very important one. This is the question I will review in this essay. I am testing to see if being married, widowed, divorced, separated, or never having been married will affect the results of being asked the question, “do you think a person has the right to end his or her own life if this person is tired of living and is ready to die?” Durkheim, the leading researcher in the field of suicide, theorizes that the loss of marriage or lack of marriage thereof will lead to a lack of integration and a lack or regulation which can push the individual closer to suicide. A study on the effects of marriage and suicidal thoughts is potentially important for counselors and policy makers as scarce resources could be diverted to at-risk groups. Hopefully, my study will identify this. Durkheim believed that suicide has a very strong tie to the individual’s level of integration. The more integrated the individual is into his or her society as a whole, the more he or she feels that they belong to something bigger then themselves which decreases the feeling of burdensomeness. Integration prevents excess individualism. From in-class lecture it has been shown that, integration helps people to not migrate as much, or not know their neighbors. Not knowing your neighbors is very isolating. Isolation has a positive relationship to suicide. It also creates a lot more religious affiliation, if the individual has some spiritual aspect to them. Religion as a whole has a strong negative affiliation to suicide. Finally, integration is necessary for regulation. And without regulation, the individual is already more prone for suicidal thoughts. Durkheim’s work can help us predict that divorced and never married people should be
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most supportive of suicide. Another great researcher has built off of Durkheim’s models and ideas. This
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deviance term paper1 - 3/14/08 Deviance And Control Baller...

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