rhetoric paper 9 - Rhetoric Paper#2 A group project never...

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4/7/08 Rhetoric Paper #2 A group project never works out well when all members cannot collaborate to create one unified piece of art. I always seem to find myself placed in a group that somehow, ends up straying from the overall big picture, or just does not get everything finished properly. For a short time, I thought this project was going in that direction. One of my group members was called away right in the thick of our planned recording. I cannot fault him, but all of us definitely felt the overall feeling of the project dampen. When we finally got time to work together on recording and finalizing our thoughts, everything fell into place surprisingly well. We chose to record the environment that is the fieldhouse on the University of Iowa campus. Upon arriving, we all felt slightly uncomfortable with each other since none of us had worked together on anything before. There was, or course, the predictable awkward small talk of the weather and how classes are going for each member of the group. But this uncomfortable semi-silence quickly lifted. Upon entering the fieldhouse we were collectively confronted by a barrage of noises, screams, and a few sounds that even we had a hard time identifying. Alex was brave enough to volunteer to be the first person to record our environment using the Ipod and microphone. I say brave because due to the openness and overall expansive nature of the building we were recording in, one must get very close to the source of sound in order to get a descent soundtrack. Furthermore, camouflaging oneself in order to get a recording of the “reality” of the environment is all but impossible because of how people orient themselves in such a large space. That is, unlike a bus, it is unnatural or even taboo
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to stand in close proximity to another person in such a large space. This does depend on
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rhetoric paper 9 - Rhetoric Paper#2 A group project never...

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