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IS 179 US Mex Border Notes

IS 179 US Mex Border Notes - 04/08 Border ID/Culture...

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04/08 Border ID/Culture - ‘cultural space’ - a border is…an imaginary line between 2 nations, separating the imaginary rights of one from the imaginary rights of another - ‘el norte’ = united states - la linea= border - the border is a meeting place: o 2 countries o 2 cultures o 2 ways of life o 2 levels of consumption o 2 infrastructures - soft expressions o language (spanglish = mixture of both cultures) o emotions o rituals o art o work o community - The border happens through state power, work… - population o 12 million people in border region o on US side: 19% below poverty line; 50% are Hispanic - crossing: most frequently crossed border in the world o 12000 trucks cross borders daily - economy: o us is Mexico’s #1 trading partner o Mexico is US’s #2 trading partner o #795 million traded everyday o average maquiladora salary: $45 a week - 1910: big wave of immigration – thousands of Mexicans fled because of political turmoil - 1921 act: Immigration act Quotas - 1924: border stations established - 1942: Bracero program -
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