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Language Development Introduction In this video, we will see – Development of Emotional States – Three stages of Child Language Development – Theories of Language Acquisition – Parentese/Motherese Development of Emotional States From birth – general distress: cries with tightly shut eyes 2 months – Enjoyment: smiling mouth with widening eyes 3-4 months – Anger: cries with open eyes 6 months – Joking, weariness, quietness, stares, frowns, turns away 9 months – Fear: mouth pulled back Three stages of Language Development 1. The Pre-verbal Stage - noises, different types of cries - Perlocutionary communication 2. First Words Stage (13 - 16 mo.) - Nouns: referential children (e.g. car, book .) - Verbs: expressive children (e.g. bye-bye, stop ) - Illocutionary communication 3. Short/single sentence stage (18 - 24 mo.) - combine two words (e.g. Me eat. Me happy .) - Locutionary communication
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Lect_3_2 - Introduction Language Development...

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