Lect_4-2_stu - )*+,*-./01%2*3*14-5*6. !"#$%&'(%...

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!"#$ &’( )*+,*-./01 2*3*14-5*6.7 8,4/9.:,9 ; <-**,= -*+,*-.:46 )*+,*-./01 2*3*14-5*6. Perception ! A process of ________ __________ of what is happening around us through selecting, organizing, integrating, and interpreting the sensory stimuli one receives. " Sensory motor activities Cognitive & Language development are affected by ______________ ability. ! Should be able to see and hear to learn language )*+,*-./01 2*3*14-5*6. >,46.?@A Auditory and Visual perception: particularly important in language acquisition ! Incoming auditory and visual ___________ may be processed in different areas of the brain, but ___________ process occurs at the same area " level of speech chain " Left hemisphere (Broca’s and Wernicke’s areas) at ________________ level of speech chain gaining awareness perceptual stimuli linguistic physiological levl linguistic level
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!"#$%& ()*+),-"./ Visual Perception ! Cognitive development " Blind child: _________ time to understand the meaning of words ! Linguistic development " difficult in imitating and practicing speech sounds !"#$%& 0)1)&.,2)/- Visual development ! Uncoordinated ocular movement; ________________ !
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Lect_4-2_stu - )*+,*-./01%2*3*14-5*6. !&quot;#$%&amp;'(%...

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