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Blank Schedule - I J J 3:00-3:50(I,J I 3:00-4:15(J,I I J I...

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05/06/2009 92fa113572a09450ab654f3d9c2549df14f09e61.xls Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8:05-9:20(A+,B+) A+ B+ A+ B+ B+ 8:05-9:20(A+,B+) 8:30-9:20(A,B) A B+ A B+ B 8:30-9:20(A,B) 9:30-10:20(A,C,D) D C C A C 9:30-10:20(A,C,D) 10:30-11:20(D,E) E D E D E 10:30-11:20(D,E) 10:30-11:45(D+,E+) E+ D+ E+ D+ E+ 10:30-11:45(D+,E+) 12:00-12:50(F) F F F 12:00-12:50(F) 12:00-1:15(F+) F+ F+ F+ 12:00-1:15(F+) 1:30-2:20(G,H) G H G H G 1:30-2:20(G,H) 1:30:2:45(G+,H+) G+ H+ G+ H+ 1:30:2:45(G+,H+) 2:30:-3:20(H on Fri) H 2:30:-3:20(H on Fri) 3:00-3:50(I,J)
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Unformatted text preview: I J J 3:00-3:50(I,J) I 3:00-4:15(J+,I+) I+ J+ I+ J+ 3:00-4:15(J+,I+) 3:30-4:20(I on Fri) 3:30-4:20(I on Fri) 4:30-5:20(K,L,JM) J/K L K L 4:30-5:20(K,L,JM) 4:30-5:45(K+,L+) K+ L+ K+ L+ 4:30-5:45(K+,L+) 6:00-6:50(M,N) N/M N M N 6:00-6:50(M,N) 6:00-7:15(M+,N+) M+ N+ M+ N+ 6:00-7:15(M+,N+) 7:30-8:15(P,Q) Q/P Q P Q 7:30-8:15(P,Q) 7:30-8:45(P+,Q+) P+ Q+ P+ Q+ 7:30-8:45(P+,Q+) 9:00-10:00 9:00-10:00...
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