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ME212 s05 quiz3

ME212 s05 quiz3 - ME21205 QUIZ 3 Name'4 “ 0 1 For each...

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Unformatted text preview: ME21205 QUIZ 3 Name '4 “' 0 5/2/05 1. For each rigid body in the three pictures specify if its motion is: a) rectilinear translation b) curvilinear translation c) fixed axis rotation d) general plane motion. Link BDA: Q 3 Disk rolls down the wedge while Link CDE: ae- wedge rolls on tiny wheels. Small Block.A: Ox 2. Points A and B are 5 inches apart and fixed to the rigid potato. Draw the two vector components of 5,1,3 on the figure below. Calculate and write their magnitude by each arrow. ‘ : (g“‘)(2o nae/M ’— . -~ lOO"W/§1\i «00L QA/g,‘ : (LU-L ‘ : (5")(10 W571 : ‘S’ooin/fl 2b: If a second line CD is scribed onto the potato in problem 2 can its angular velocity and angular acceleration be determined? Explain. ' U328» 4M pi» QMA DO 00?. +141. SGM .éb/ {$44. Y'IDJ/LOOLD an) 3. The 10-kg wedge is held at rest on the smooth inclined plane by the stop block at A. The 10—g bullet hits and sticks in the wedge and they both move up the plane. (Hint: draw some free-body diagrams). 59360 a = 20 rad/s2 Circle your answers: a) if the system is both bullet + wedge: Linear momentum is conserved in which direction(s) ' none - b) If the system is the bullet alone: Linear mom- I um is conserved in which direction(s): x x’ 1155!) c) is energy conserved? Problem 4: GO TO BACK SIDE: ...
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