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Asia 78 Final project-08

Asia 78 Final project-08 - 2 A research paper on a topic...

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Asia 78: Asian American Studies Spring 2008 Prof. Kiri Lee Final Project: a 6~8 page paper (double space) You may choose 1 or 2. 1. An interview with Asian Immigrants/American. Your paper should not be just the transcription of the interview. You have to analyze his/her experience in 3 or 4 time periods such as pre- immigration, during immigration, after immigration, and settling down. Based on what we have read and discussed in our textbook, you must include factors such as the political/economical situation of the home country, personal situation, the method used to immigrate, and situations in US, and so on.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A research paper on a topic related to Asian American experiences. Possible topics are: • Anti-Asian American incidents • Model minority • Glass ceiling • Picture brides • Japanese internment • Asian adoptee • Stereotypes • Civil Right The outline/proposal for your final project is due April 4 th (Friday). You are required to give a presentation of your final project in class (on April 18 th , 23 rd , 25 th ). The presentation is for 10 minutes including questions and answers. Final paper is due at 12:00 noon on May 5 th , no exception....
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