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math cheat sheet - Geometry provides a means for...

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1. Geometry provides a means for communicating shape and size. The root meaning of “geometry” is “land (or ‘earth’) measure.” Van Hiele levels are a postulated "series of levels of understanding for a geometry topic . .. that students must pass through" when learning it. 2. The basic terms of geometry are point, line, plane, and space. A plane in mathematics has infinite length and width and is flat. . In geometry, the set of all possible points is called “space.” 5. In a plane, a closed figure with straight sides is called a “polygon.” In Greek, “poly-“+ “gon” = “many” + “angle.” A “geoboard” is a teaching aid which can be useful for the study of points, line segments, and polygons 6. A measurement gives a number and a unit of measure. Distances are expressed in (plain) units. The meter was planned to be 1/10,000,000 of the earth’s quadrant. 7. One meter is about 1 yard long. The orange rod (from Cuisenaire student set) has length one-tenth of a meter, ie, one decimeter. A centimeter is about the width of an
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