Zinc Iodide Lab Report

Zinc Iodide Lab Report - Zinc Iodide: Synthesized...

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Zinc Iodide: Synthesized Introduction. In this experiment the limiting reagent and excess reactant of the reaction between Zinc and Iodide was measured so that an appropriate cost for a well-documented synthetic method was achieved for a fabricated chemical plant in which the student was employed to figure out how much of each element was needed to produce 1000 kg of zinc iodide. Furthermore, an appropriate price for an order of 1000kg of zinc iodide was determined based on the cost of production. The effectiveness of synthetic methods was assessed by performing percent yield calculations on the product. Analysis of this synthetic method gave accurate data and allowed determination of the percent yield of which this reaction of Zinc Iodide contained which, in turn, was useful in calculating the amount of each reagent needed to produce 1000 kg of zinc iodide. Experimental Procedure. The Zinc and Iodide were stored in closed containers. To keep from corrupting the elements vials and test tubes were weighed before placing the elements inside. Once the elements were placed in the vials we subtracted the weight of the test tube or vial from the total weight (including the element). This gave the net weight of the element itself. In order to drive the reaction between these two elements, a dilute acid was formed by obtaining 2 mL of 1.0 M acetic acid using a graduated pipette. This acid was then dispensed into a 10 mL volumetric flask. Deionized water was then added to the flask slowly and cautiously with a disposable pipette to reach the mark accurately. In order to obtain the product of the reaction between the elements zinc and iodide the following procedure was followed. Products were obtained by utilizing a dilute acid (10mL solution of 0.20 M acetic acid) and 0.5 grams of each Zinc and Iodide
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Zinc Iodide Lab Report - Zinc Iodide: Synthesized...

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