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Brundage Annotated Bibliography Brooks, R. Scott. Continuation . Continuation Publishing. 28 Feb 2004. < > This is a beautiful site. I was told about it by Diane from Tattoo by Design, who shows me a copy of the book this web-site promotes. I listed the web site instead of the book, since I got more information from it (I had a brief glance at it in the shop). The premise of the book is that one tattoo, embodying an ideal, spreading far beyond its original scope. I felt this idea was a true embodiment of spirit. Brundage, Thomas. “Tattoo Survey of Spirituality in Eugene”. Personal: 2004. Personal survey conducted in Feb.-early Mar. 2004. In the survey were many reaffirmations of my main points for my paper. I conducted the survey in Spiritual Tree Tattooing, Primal Body Piercing (also a tattoo parlor), and Tattoo by Design, all in Eugene. Daoust, Erich. Personal interview. 21 Feb. 2004. Conducted at Spiritual Tree Tattooing. Mr. Daoust is one of Mild Bill’s current students at the time of the interview. The points he brings up echo those of Mild Bill, but he has a distinctly modern approach, more hands-on and primal. DeMello, Margo. Bodies of Inscription . Durham: Duke U, 2000. Useful, even though I thought it was going to be the opposite. DeMello discusses the modern history of tattoos, and has an emphasis on woman’s spirituality in tattoos,
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annot.biblio - Brundage Annotated Bibliography Brooks R...

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