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bio101f.articlereview - DNA would probably be sold as...

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Will Brundage BIO101F 10/31/04 2:01AM The article as stated deals with cellular repair of DNA with proteins. These proteins are found in every cell, eukaryotic or prokaryotic. DNA repair is performed with proteins working together. The repair mechanism is thought to be located in yeast and humans, which gives a common process that could be found throughout Earth evolution. Inaccurate DNA repair is thought to lead to cancer and other cell mutations. Scientists hope to engineer drug therapies that will target and eliminate cancer. New cancer therapies are possible within 5 to 10 years. This finding aids understanding of human cellular repair mechanisms. Other diseases caused by cellular mutation are hoped to be better understood as well, aided by this discovery. My thoughts: New drug therapies aiding the protein synthesis process (not directly targeting
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Unformatted text preview: DNA), would probably be sold as vitamin supplements. I don’t have an issue with this. My thought is understanding DNA repair could be abused to cause mutated growth. Another possibility is that unforeseen side affects could be caused with the new therapies. The finding is good, but more solid evidence is needed first. Unfortunately, we’re likely to see “radical new treatments” that aren’t backed by more than a handful of studies. New treatments are expected within 5-10 years, not nearly enough time to discover what these treatments would do to a human (or any other long-lived animal). On the other hand, it could be the font of youth. Cancer isn’t the issue for me, it’s tinkering with DNA....
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