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Russian Lit Essay - Lecture 2/29/08 Sixth-Week Exam...

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Lecture 2/29/08 Sixth-Week Exam Dystopia ‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.’ Although cliché, it aptly describes the cause for much of the tension throughout Yevgeny Zamyatin’s We . Many of OneState’s citizens view their government as beautiful, ideal, utopian. In their eyes, happiness is the most important part of human life, and true happiness can only be obtained from the abolishment of freedom. Some citizens, however, do not see beauty in the absence of freedom. Instead they see servility and restraint. These few revolutionaries recognize they live in a dystopian society, yet due to the majority’s ingrained belief that OneState has succeeded in creating a utopia, they are helpless in fighting the social, moral, and political oppression imposed upon them by the government. The majority of citizens are oblivious to OneState’s social tyranny because they have lived with it their whole lives, and in their minds they have been able to achieve perfection. The silent minority, however, understands that a robotistic life is hardly ideal. A life with no freedom, where every hour of every day is scheduled, completely eliminates originality amongst citizens. OneState attempts to justify the lack of originality by ingraining the idea that “’…to be original means to distinguish yourself from others. It follows that to be original is to violate the principle of equality’” (Zamyatin 30). Citizens, including D-503 in the beginning of the novel, are taught to
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Russian Lit Essay - Lecture 2/29/08 Sixth-Week Exam...

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