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History Notes - 3-27-06 - History Notes – Sheets...

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History Notes – 3/27/06 Sheets: * Individual Chart – Section 76 – * Advances on Democracy – All in Section 74 * Outline Sheet – World War I * Russo – Japanese War * Japan is like England * Population is increasing, resources are limited * If Japan is to become a super power, they will need to access resources * Will need to build a strong naval force * Japan and Russia are on a crash course for resources * Territorial expansion * Asia is the target * Manchuria – target * Japan needs raw materials * 2 raw materials: Coal and iron ore * Can’t produce enough coal, iron ore, oil * Russia is interested in Manchuria and Korea => Need resources to complete the Trans-siberian railroad * Russia wants to connect St. Petersburg with ____ * Railways crisscrossing the nations * Connect trading posts * Czar of Russia – Nicholas – losing popularity * Russian people are demanding some liberal changes be made to the Russian empire * Repression * Revolutionary spirit never dissipated * People want a Dumas – a central representation within the government * Remember the situation facing Napoleon III – mindset - Czar of Russia – through war * He is inviting a situation that would cause Russian soldiers to march off to war – this proves disastrous * He needs to quell unrest at home-Czar feels that war will earn him honor and glory and cause him to become popular again * In order to protect themselves, Japan and Britain enter into a treaty, an alliance – Counter Britain’s isolation due to unpopularity * G.B and Japan, France and Russia
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* Germany is becoming more and more isolated * Balance of Power extends beyond the borders of Europe now * Alliance between G.B and Japan – 20 years * Problems * Realpolitik = doing what is necessary * Territorial goals on the part of the Japanese – Territorial ambitions on the part of Russia = leads to war – war over Manchuria * Japanese want coal, iron ore in Manchuria * Russia needs to connect places with the trans-continental railroad * 1904 = War breaks out * Conflict – Imperialism * Japanese and Russian armies march off to battle = on land and water * Land battle – Mucdan – Decisive battle – more than 600k men took part in what was the largest battle on land in European history – Japanese won * Russians sent Baltic fleet to meet the Japanese fleet – Tsushima – Battle of Tsushima Strait – Czar’s fleet and the Emperor’s fleet – Japanese fleet won – defeated the Czar’s fleet – WORLD WAS IN SHOCK – Japanese beat the Russians on both fields – land and water * Japanese – pretty impressive navy * Person that emerges = President of the U.S at the time
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History Notes - 3-27-06 - History Notes – Sheets...

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