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Chem 152 A Winter 2008 Name ___Answer Key________ Quiz 1 Section ____________________ Score _________out of 10 pt 1 (3 pt) Calculate the work for the expansion of CO 2 from V = 1.0 to 2.5 L against a constant pressure of P =1 atm (in units of L-atm) Constant external pressure w = -P V = -1.0 atm (2.5 L-1.0 L) = -1.5 L atm 2 (4 pt) Calculate E for a system that absorbs 85 J of heat while 47 J of work is done on the system: E = q + w = +85 J + 47 J = + 132 J 3 (3pt) Suppose you add 45 J of heat to a system, let it do 10 J of expansion work, then return
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Unformatted text preview: the system to its initial state by cooling and compression. Which statement is true for this process? (Circle the TRUE statement) (a) ∆ H < ∆ E (b) The work done in compressing the system must exactly equal the work done by the system in the expansion step. (c) ∆ H = 70 J (d) The change in the internal energy ∆ E for this process is zero. _______________________________________________________________...
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