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edpsy14 study guide 2 - Creating Productive Learning...

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Creating Productive Learning Environments 2 APPROACHES Teacher thinking/activity centers around 3 areas: COGNITIVE BEHAVIORAL Planning Implementing Assessing Rules-Ignore-Praise Time I-Messages Desists Allocated Active Listening Instructional Basic Elements Problem Ownership Engaged Vicarious Learning 2. Presentation Proximity Time-Out 3. Guided Practice Eye Contact Assertive Discipline 4. independent Practice Body Orientation Good Behavior Game Questioning 5. Assessment Facial Expressions Token Economy Gestures Vocal Variation Secondary Markets Review/Closure Permissive Contracts Feedback/Praise Authoritarian Authoritative Graphing "Withitness" Yearly 1. Attention Term 2. Expectancy Unit 3. Retrieval Consistent Weekly Avoid Arguments Daily 5. Encoding/Storage Distractability Content Knowledge 7. Reinforcement Classroom Management (vs. Discipline) To Maximize Instructional Time Instruction To Maximize Instructional Time FOCUS : learner understanding and responsibility FOCUS : reinforcement and punishment to establish and maintain order PURPOSE: To use inst'l time well to: decrease mgmt probs and to increase inst'l time TAP: Instructional activites should match objectives and be commensurate with assessment Interventions (General) Verbal-Nonverbal Congruance Interventions Teacher-Centered
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edpsy14 study guide 2 - Creating Productive Learning...

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