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Name ___________________ Quiz Section _____ Quiz #4-Key Chem 152A 1) In an electrolytic cell electrica l energy is required to produce a chemical change. 2pts 2) Describe the dual nature of light. 2pts Light acts like a wave and a particle. 3) Circle the words that best complete the following sentences. a) As wavelength of a photon ( increases , decreases), the energy of each photon (increases,
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Unformatted text preview: decreases ). [Or decreases / increases ] 2pts b) Einsteins photoelectric effect states that when a light with a frequency ( above the threshold , below the threshold) frequency is shined at the surface of a metal electrons are emitted. 2pts 4) Circle one. True/ False . 2pts Energy is transferred in packets called quanta that can be transferred in fractions....
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