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IOE 333: Homework #1 Answer Key Problem 2 (25 points; 5 pts each) A. List four main goals of ergonomics. Explain, using two specific features of cars as examples, how trying to achieve one goal can i) help achieve one of the other goals and ii) conflict with achieving one of the other goals? i. Enhance performance i. Reduce errors ii. Increase productivity ii. Increase safety iii. Increase user satisfaction Also accepted (from the CP): - Fit the machine to the operator - Determine how environment and human variables influence human performance - Improve the quality of the work life Example: In-vehicle navigation systems: This can enhance a driver s performance by decreasing the number of wrong turns he/she takes to reach a destination, or it can help minimize travel time by selecting the least congested routes to take. At the same time, use of such a system can decrease the time the driver spends looking at the road, which increases unsafe driving behaviors. Rear collision detection sensors: These can increase safety as it may enhance awareness of objects behind the car when backing up. These can also increase performance because a driver may be able to optimize how far he/she backs up before resuming driving forward and thereby reducing the number of points needed to get out of a parking spot (think parallel parking. These devices at the same time might increase user satisfaction because the driver feels more confident or safe when backing up, instead of always being apprehensive of hitting something.
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B. Describe the difference between reactive and proactive ergonomic approaches. In a table, compare the advantages and disadvantages of each. *This chart is not exclusive, there are other acceptable answers as well. Reactive Ergonomics Proactive Ergonomics Advantages: - The work environment is well-established. - You are able to use job analysis to determine the causes of injury/problem. - This is usually more cost-effective - People do not get injured, accidents are prevented Disadvantages: - Someone gets injured, an error or accident occurs - Injuries and accidents are costly, and retrofitting the work is also expensive - It is not always easy to identify what might go wrong with a job - The real work environment to analyze is not available, only predictions/estimations are used to simulate the work place C. Explain why is it considered more important to design for monochrome first before using color to signal important information? Sketch a graph of the distribution of cones in the retina and indicate where the fovea is. A significant proportion of the population is color blind. If you use only color to signify important information, they will not be able to perceive this information and will miss it. Therefore, by using other techniques that do not use color such as changing font, font size,
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HW1_2007f%20Answer%20Key - IOE 333 Homework#1 Answer Key...

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