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geography164final - WHY AND WHY NOT WHAT ARE LISA ROFEL AND...

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What is essentialism in the studies of Chinese capitalism? What are the problems of essentialism in the studies of Chinese capitalism What are the ways of avoiding essentialism in the studies of Chinese capitalism In your assessment, did Hsing avoid essentialism in the article BLOOD THICKER THAN WATER. Using Lisa Rofel’s article, the documentary by Mayfair Yang THROUGH CHINESE WOMEN’S EYES and lecture materials ANSWER the following: ARE CHINESE WOMEN LIBERATED BY SOCIALISM?
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Unformatted text preview: WHY AND WHY NOT? WHAT ARE LISA ROFEL AND MAYFAIR YANG’S ANSWERS TO THIS QUESTION OF WHETHER WOMEN IN CHINA ARE LIBERATED BY SOM AND THE COMMUNIST REVOLUTION? According to the lecture and Lester Brown’s essay, why are there concerns about who will feed China? What are the main points in Brown’s arguments and how does he empirically support his arguments? WHAT ARE THE MAJOR CRITICISMS of BROWN’S ARGUMENTS?...
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