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HW4_2007f_Answer Key - IOE 333 Homework#4 Answer Key...

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IOE 333: Homework #4 Answer Key PROBLEM 1: (10 pts, 5 pts each) a. Which is better at measuring mental workload, primary task measures or secondary task measures? What are some of the disadvantages of using subjective and physiological measures or workload? Secondary task measures are better at measuring the mental workload than primary task measures. Primary task measure is not really a mental workload measure, but rather it is influenced by mental workload. Often, we are good at primary task performance and decrements in performance due to high workload are seldom seen. Secondary task measures are better because they measure reserve capacity the amount leftover after attending to the primary task. Physiological measures such as heart rate variability may not be accurate at low levels of workload and may be affected by external factors. Visual scanning may be limited by the equipment used to measure it. Subjective measures are dependent upon how a person interprets the question asked about workload and do not always correlate well to a person s performance. There are individual differences in how people rate. , variation exist in how task is done by different people and how much mental workload is needed, and also the scale use in the questionnaire can limit the answers. b. Exams can be quite stressful. List 5 things that often cause changes in one s arousal level (according to the Yerkes-Dodson Law) that could contribute to decrease performance on an exam. - A problem on the exam that you don t know how to solve may create feelings of anxiety. This may lead to decreased performance on other parts of the exam. - If the exam format is one that you characteristically do not do well on (e.g. all multiple choice, or all essay questions) - Presence of others distracting you e.g. someone coughing incessantly behind you - If the exam is perceived as being so difficult that no one will do well, then the motivation to perform well decreases - there are many possible answers here.
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PROBLEM 2: (5 pts) Sandy is interviewing in London, UK for a full-time position. She booked the following flight from Detroit: Departure: Mon Dec 10 at 23:00
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