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History Notes - 4-6-06 - History Notes IV EUROPEAN...

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History Notes -4/6/06 IV. EUROPEAN AGGRESSION BEGINS: A. Mussolini attacks Ethiopia – * Italian Sommoliland – Italian colony * Ethiopia was the kingdom that survived this aggressive attack on European nations * October of 1935 – Mussolini ordered the invasion of Ethiopia * Stores of mustard gas * Italy conquered Ethiopia * Hally solacie * Economic sanctions against Ethiopia by the League of Nations B. Hitler arms the Rhineland * Treaty of Versailles demanded that this remained demilitarized zone – Hitler openly violated the treaty * Significant build up of military build up * Third Reich * 3 rd Major Regime * League of nations is slowly dying C. Failure of the League of Nations * Slowly Dying V. Position of the U.S.A/Foreign Policy A. Recognition of the Soviet Union – U.S is willing to have diplomatic relations for the first time (Stalin) – * Japanese have invaded Manchuria * B. Reciprocal Trade Agreements * Congress passed the reciprocal Trade Agreements to undo the Holly Smoot Tariffs * They gave the President the power to lower tariff by as much as 50%
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History Notes - 4-6-06 - History Notes IV EUROPEAN...

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