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History Notes - 4-19-06 - History Notes V Road to Pearl...

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History Notes – 4/19/06 V. Road to Pearl Harbor E. Attack on Pearl Harbor – December 7 th , 1941 – “A Date that will live in infamy” – F.D.R * Japanese fleet – North Pacific * First Wave of Japanese ships * 2-3 Waves * 2 Hour attack * 8 Battleships, several destroyers, and cruisers were destroyed or severely damaged * Ships tried to make their way out to the sea to maneuver * Arizona – Ship that took a direct hit * 150 planes and air bases were bombed * Most deaths on American soil – 2,403 and an additional 1,178 were wounded * Many of those who survived had severe burns * Prior to 9/11, most deaths F. U.S Declaration of War – December 8, 1941 * German and Italy declared war on the United States as soon as the U.S declared war on Japan VI. Rally around the flag – U.S Goes to War A. Nation Prepares a production miracle 1. Japanese view of American People * Was that we were a decadent people, lacking in courage, lazy, etc. 2. U.S Response * Massive arsenal production * SHIFTED INTO HIGH GEAR * 86,000 TANKS B. Mobilizing for War * Selective Service Act * All of those between 16-65 were being put into the pool * Bumped it up to 18-30 * C. Women in the military
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D. Black Americans Contributions
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History Notes - 4-19-06 - History Notes V Road to Pearl...

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