History Notes - 4-26-06

History Notes - 4-26-06 - History Notes COLD WAR FLARE UPS...

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History Notes – 4/26/06 * COLD WAR FLARE UPS: 5. Red China ---- 1949 * We did not recognize the People’s Republic of China – Communist regime 6. U.S – N.S.C. ---- 68 * Clear belief that the Soviet Union was determined to overrun Asia, Europe, and Southeast Asia * Commitment to containment policy * Thermonuclear Bomb – Hydrogen bomb * ICBM was under development * We became committed to maintaining bases in Germany, Turkey, and islands in the pacific 7. The Korean Conflict (1950-1953) * The North Korean forces launched a surprise attack on South Korea to unify Korea under one regime (Communism) * 2 Koreas created * Korea was divided * North Korea comes into existence – Kim Il Sung – Dictator * People’s Republic of Korea – Communist * The capital city of North Korea – Pyongyang * South Korea – Republic of South Korea * Dean Acheson – outlined a “defense perimeter” * Korea was left out of the defense perimeter – North Koreans were encouraged to cross the 38 th Parallel to invade South Korea * U.S took the initiative to make U.N effort to prevent this * Harry Truman did not regard this as a war – U.N was acting as a Police force – “A Police Action” * Japan – MacArthur was named commander of the forces in North Korea – goal was to
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History Notes - 4-26-06 - History Notes COLD WAR FLARE UPS...

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