HistoryNotes- - people Constitution of the Year 3(1795 First Formally Constituted French Republic Bicameral(2 Houses and 5 men act as directors

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History Notes - 1/11/06 * Cult of Supreme Being - Recognize the existence of God and immortality of the individual soul - did not reinstitute the original Christian calendar * Battle of Fleurs - Took place on the 8th of Mezador (Revolutionist Calendar) * Thermadorian Reaction (Thermadorian stage of the Revolution) - July 27, 1794 - Secret clubs closed down and General Maximum removed - Inflation * Prarail - Angry mob stormed the Convention Hall - took prisoners - 10,000 people targeted - Launch White Terror - Ex-Members of Robespierre's Group - Proceeded to execute 1,000 more
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Unformatted text preview: people * Constitution of the Year 3 (1795)- First Formally Constituted French Republic - Bicameral (2 Houses) and 5 men act as directors - Time of the Directory - 1795-1799 - 2 Houses - The Council of 500 and The Council of Ancients * Executive Branch - 5 Directors * #1 Reason Directory meets opposition- Dependent on the Military * Bonaparte- Fired into a crowd of people to disperse the crowd - killed some - they disperse...
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