HistoryNotes-1-13-06 - History Notes - 1/13/06 * Napoleon...

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History Notes - 1/13/06 * Napoleon is able to quiet the masses * Treaty of Luennalie - * Treaty of Amienes - France is no longer at war - French government can now focus on domestic problems * Dictatorships employ secret police - Napoleon employs secret police headed by Forshay - Minister of the Police * Forshay was a herbertist - Terrorist - Ultimate Downfall of Robespierre - serving as Napoleon's Minister of Police - Root out the agitators * Napoleon is in command of the French Army * Napoleon granted Amnasty to previous enemies of the state - EXCEPT FOR THE EMIGRAYS * Second Consul - Cambacres * 3rd Consul - Lebrun * Talleyrand is the priest - emerges as Minister of Foreign Affairs * He survives several assassination attempts * Duke of Anghine - Had nothing to do with an assassination conspiracy - was put to death for nothing - tries to win over his adversaries - does that * Has a settlement with the church - Napoleon is able to compromise with the Catholic Pope - Concordat of 1801 - Church seminaries are allowed again - Pope was not allowed to discuss
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HistoryNotes-1-13-06 - History Notes - 1/13/06 * Napoleon...

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