HistoryNotes-1-24-06 - History Notes TEST THURSDAY...

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Unformatted text preview: History Notes - 1/24/06 * TEST - THURSDAY (1/26/06) * Addresses to the German Nation - Suggests that the German Spirit was different from the French spirit, foreign spirit, etc. and some ways, superior * PRUSSIA IS least affected - haven for German nationalists * Out of Prussia, modern Germany will emerge * Significant reform in Prussia * Significant military reform * Scharnarist * Gneissinau - Both of the these guys are military officers - He is a hechen - impressed by patriotism of the American revolutionaries * Prussian military becomes more modern * Common people could rise to positions of power * Hardinberg * Baranschtein - He thinks of Germany as a whole * Old cast system came into effect * Public property could be sold * Edict of 1810 - Would do away with age old system - peasants were set free - they could buy and sell land - they could move to cities and towns * Nationalism - Germany - * Napoleon's Downfall *--*-- Section 51: "Overthrow of Napoleon Bonaparte - Congress of Vienna" *1812 - Russia and Turkey are at war * Alexander I believes that he has an ally - Napoleon Bonaparte (he is not interested in being an...
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This note was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course HIST-MASH AP Europea taught by Professor Achenbach during the Fall '06 term at Allegheny.

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HistoryNotes-1-24-06 - History Notes TEST THURSDAY...

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