HistoryNotes-1-25-06 - History Notes"Exact Retributions for...

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History Notes - 1/25/06 * "Exact Retributions" for the destruction of Moscow, * Bernodott - French Marshal in the command of forces against Napoleon * Hardenberg * Lord Castleray * Great Britain - * Frankfurt Proposal - Napoleon refuses, but the offer is this: Metternick offers this - Napoleon would be considered to still be in power - French would still remain in control of Belgium - GREAT DEAL - Napoleon's ego gets in the way, he refuses * Castleray is outraged with Metternich - * The next great threat - beyond Napoleon - Russia * Treaty of Chamone - Cassleray product - forms the Quadruple Alliance - Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Great Britain - mini-United Nations peace keeping alliance against France - 20 year alliance against France - each nation agreed to contribute 150,000 soldiers to keep France in order through the means of a military force * Napoleon realizes that it's over - Allied armies entered the city of Paris - Napoleon found the temporary safe-haven - Fontainebleau - Napoleon abdicated as Emperor of France * France is without a government - WHAT SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT WILL BE IN
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HistoryNotes-1-25-06 - History Notes"Exact Retributions for...

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