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History Notes - 1/27/06 SECTION 54: “The Dam and the Floods Demestics” In France - the monarchy was restored - Louis VIII * GB is run by a Torri governing class - their goal is to preserve Old England * Metternich is the mastermind - diplomat committed to keeping the balance of power - not interested ina German national movement - represents the Hapsburg family and feels that is not in the best interest of the ruling family * Forces of political right vs. political left (liberals) * Political Right - Conservative reactionaries - reactionary to the political events * The political conservatives will deal with this liberalism with repression * Regicides - Granted amnesty to the new gov't * Counter-revolutionaries - Seeking revenge * White Terror - Upper class youths attacking Bonapartists and liberalists * People are attacked and murdered * Assassination - Worker - Laborer - Louis XVIII - Duke Debary was assassinated by a laborer * Charles X - Formally the Count of Artois - revolutionary, agitator
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Unformatted text preview: * Charles X represented old France - committed to restore the old regime - favorite among land owners - regards himself as an absolute monarch - He believes he is the king (Divine Rule) - tried to stamp out liberalism by means of repression * Poland- Napoleon was the savior to the Polish people - * Congress Poland * University of Vilna- Professors and College students - Philarets of Vilna - Secret Organization - leader - Adam Mickiwitz - Was thrown in a dungeon or a prison - Government's perception - destroy counterrevolutions * Underground movements * National ideas remain strong * Doctrine of the Eternal Volksgeist- Liberalists - They will not rest until Germany is proclaimed as independent, unified nation * Burschenschaften- A college "club" that goes National - Serious group that is proposing a conference in a place called Werdberg - Nationwide German Conference - * 1819 - Theology student assassinated a German writer who was a supporter of the Czar...
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HistoryNotes-1-27-06 - * Charles X represented old France -...

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